Paul Petit Custom Frame for Augusta Princess of Whales

Carton Hobbs was kind enough to give us the back story on this amazing custom frame, such an incredible piece of work to witness.

"Carved with her coat of arms (Saxe-Gotha) at the crest and her cypher, APW, at the bottom with angels, putti, and Welsh dragons throughout the rest of the frame. The portrait was given to the Earl of Warwick by his mother-in-law, Lady Archibald Hamilton, as evidenced by a document formerly attached to this painting which reads: "The original portrait of H.R.H Augusta Princess of Wales and H.R.H. the Lady Augusta, was a legacy from the Right Honorable Lady Archibald Hamilton to the Earl and Countess Brooke with an intention to have it placed in Warwick Castle in 1752." As Lady Hamilton was a close confidante of the Prince of Wales, it follows that the price had presented both portraits to her as a royal gift, which she then bestowed to her daughter and son-in-law." (Carlton Hobbs LLC, 2013

Frame craved by Paul Petit for Charles Philips' portrait of Augusta Princess of Whales. Warwick Castle.

Serendipity: Women in Business

Thank you to our friends at Serendipity, for the feature in their "Women in Business" category! We are truly humbled to talk about women in the design industry, and the positive impact their relationships have on each other.

Reflecting on 90 Years of J. Pocker: The Editor at Large

"J. Pocker Frames have been the standard-bearer on the walls of Lauren Bacall, Diana Vreeland and Sarah Tomerlin Lee, not to mention the go-to for designers. With three generations of Pockers at the helm, the brand's legacy has unfolded, elegantly, since it's inception in 1926." 

Our friends from The Editor at Large graciously interviewed our longtime friend and design partner Alexa Hampton, for an interesting discussion of framing tips and beautiful collaborations. 

Spotlight on French Frames

The Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist in Revolutionary France exhibit was an amazing display of the classical elements of French framing. In those days, ladies were only expected to paint flowers — but this show highlights Vigée Le Brun and her extraordinary work for the court of Marie Antoinette.

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755-1842) is one of the finest 18th-century French painters and among the most important of all women artists. An autodidact with exceptional skills as a portraitist, she achieved success in France and abroad during one of the most eventful, turbulent periods in European history. Vigée Le Brun: Woman Artist in Revolutionary France is the first retrospective and only the second exhibition devoted to this artist in modern times. The 80 works on view at the Metropolitan Museum will be paintings and a few pastels from European and American public and private collections. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

“She incorporated beautiful still life elements in to these portraits, and the frames are extraordinary, reflecting these themes (such as the ornate garland of sunflowers and morning glories all around the frame" - Robyn Pocker

Shown below, a small selection of our French styles, we are always happy to consult on your custom mirror or framing project. Visit our website for more information. 

SPOTLIGHT ON Leather Framing

Leather frames are a modern favorite, a bold addition to any print or mirror. Shown below, a leather mirror that we did for Sheila Bajaj, a 6" face 5 foot by 6 1/2 foot leather frame, that now resides in a residential home on the Upper East Side.

leathermirror2 (1).jpg

"In framing, the hard thing is to really create a texture. With the leather, you really get a surface that you want to investigate up close. A custom mirror with leather compliments the hardware and luxurious surfaces in the interior. One of the very good things about leather, is that it can be totally contemporary or it can be wonderfully traditional - very versatile," states Robyn Pocker.

 Shown below are a few examples of custom J.Pocker leather frames, please contact us directly for any inquiries, we are always happy to help.

A few photos of a Madrid Apartment tour has us longing for leather accents, via our Pinterest page.

Letting the Frame Speak for the Artist and the Era

"The art world equivalent of Ginger Rogers — in the sense of making the main attraction look good — frames have long subtly shaped the viewer’s experience while being taken for granted."

In "Letting the Frame Speak for the Artist and the Era" by the New York Times, we are reintroduced to an important element of any artwork - the frame. From antique frames to modern day styles, the art of framing comes alive once again, as a leading player in the art world.

"But now frames are experiencing a renaissance of attention and respect from both museum curators and collectors. “I don’t remember a single discussion of frames in graduate school,” said Mark Cole, curator of American paintings and sculpture at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “Now frames are increasingly seen as rich areas of study and as precious historic objects that must be preserved.”

                                                          “Twilight in the Wilderness” (1860), by Frederic Edwin Church, with a replacement mid-19th-century frame. 

                                                          “Twilight in the Wilderness” (1860), by Frederic Edwin Church, with a replacement mid-19th-century frame. 

A Custom Nautical Treasure

Already looking forward to the coming summer months here in the showroom. A young woman brought in a fascinating certificate after studying on the sea and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a picture of a custom nautical themed frame with a hand drawn map. Love seeing incredible projects come to life.

Happy Chanukah: The Devine Life

Chanukah is a very special time, and this year I was thrilled to collaborate with Michael Devine of The Devine Life to share my Chanukah table: featuring dradels, Venetian glass, festive flowers all along the backdrop of a framed map of Paris.

Read the entire interview here.

"My eyes are always looking for pretty table top pieces to add to my collection. Every visit to another city becomes a search for new napkins. They are easy to pack and you can buy loads and not add any weight. Now, I'm on the search for dessert forks to go with my grandmothers Queen Ann sterling. I would not say I collect drinking glasses but just opening up my cabinet, it seems that I do."

A framed map: The perfect gift

Gifting loved ones can be a daunting task, we've learned a lot over the years, and are thrilled to share our findings. A framed map print can bring back nostalgic feelings of a special place once visited or lived, admired locations on your bucket list, or serving as a beautiful visual aide assisting you in your geographical studies.

The below map is a new arrival, a wonderful addition to our already vast collection of New York City Maps

Shop all J. Pocker Map Prints Here.

We love the pairing of a vibrant New York map with a classic American style frame. We've listed a few of our favorite styles below, shop all American Frames here.

The Perfect Fall Frame

With almost 90 years in business, we are always thrilled to collaborate with talented interior designers to help benefit local causes and communities, and The Designer Showhouse of New Jersey (link) was no exception.  25 interior designers, landscape, and decorative artists from New York and New Jersey transformed the home and its grounds into an elegant country estate in just a few months.

We worked with Daniel Park, of Daniel Park Design, to create three custom frames for large scale oil paintings for the transformation of the master bath.  Park, who is known for his "unapologetically glamorous interiors" (Franklin Reportanchored the room with the three bold pieces. "J.Pocker's frames are refined and stunning! I'm ecstatic with how they transformed my paintings to another level."

The proceeds from this year will benefit the Center for Behavioral Health and Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center, who provides expert care and educates patients and their families about mental illness.  Read more on the show house here.

Oil painting on canvas, shown in a black linen frame.

A visit to the Amon Carter Museum

A visit to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Dallas, Texas proved to be the perfect dose of artistic nutrition. Several framing masterpieces are sure to catch your eye as you wander the inspiring collections - "I loved the corn stocks on the side of the frame, it's the ultimate fall, autumnal frame" adds Robyn.

On Trend: Traditional Tartan

 Although this print is not currently in the gallery, we'd be happy to help order if for you, please call us at 212-838-5488.

 Although this print is not currently in the gallery, we'd be happy to help order if for you, please call us at 212-838-5488.

Our gallery is full of inspirational prints, paintings, and photographs, making for nostalgic inspiration towards our future. The print shown above is a favorite, "The Companies of the 51st Highland Volunteers" gives off a colorful vibrance, leaving us longing for a seasonal plaid of our very own. “The discussion of fashion and home design is everywhere. We have always loved this image, and is now more relevant than ever” adds Robyn Pocker.

From it’s humble Scottish beginnings, to it’s present day hold on our hearts, we explore the rich history of plaid. 

Dating back as far as 100 BC, what was once originally referred to as tartan, was created by ancient Celtic populations deriving from both Ireland and Scotland. Each clan or tribe wore their own unique plaid which associated them with their specific region or district of the country. Your clan’s distinctive colors and pattern would quickly identify you as friend or foe. (Linda Holt Interiors)

Fast forward a few centuries, British and American manufacturers took note of this strong print, reviving it’s reign in the mid to later 20th century - nicknaming it plaid.

Later banned in England, over the years traditional tartans have earned their position as a key player in several global style movements. With a tricky history, plaid makes for an even richer future – securing it’s way from runway to tabletop.


J.Pocker Fall Trend Report

The latest in the world of framing has been carefully compiled with an artist's eye, to bring you the J. Pocker 2015 Fall Trend Report, a showcase of a unique blend of ornate framing finishes with contemporary interior techniques. Consisting of warmer tones, this season is sure to be a nostalgic one, bringing back other worldly influences into a modern day aesthetic.

Art Nouveau

“These Art Nouveau frames would be perfect for turn of the century art as a real statement piece. The Art Nouveau “drawing frames” are perfect for something small and more delicate like an Art Nouveau poster.”

Spindle via New York Spaces

Robyn loves how this is a “totally unexpected and unique take on framing.” 

What kind of a room would you use a frame like this in? “Something for the family room, or if you want to go traditional, in a child’s room it can be so much fun with the children’s artwork.” 



“I’d love to se a large scale mirror in a foyer.  Perfect for an industrial, clean look.” Photo via: Elle Décor


Viktor & Rolf's "Wearable Art"

Taking place within a gallery at the breathtaking Palais de Tokyo, Viktor and Rolf further complicated the idea of "Wearable Art" - with their most recent display of avant garde pieces suggesting that the answer could be "both."

Earlier in the year, the duo announced that they would be focusing only on the haute couture creation process. In their preview, they demonstrated the before and after of their creative procedure — "how the integration of hinged frames on coats, dresses, and capes could transform the designs from outfits into artworks, from portrait collars to abstracted portraits." (Vogue Magazine)

"I've always believed a good frame becomes one with the art.  A frame should never stand on its own or be disconnected from the art, but rather something that becomes part of what you see in its full impact.  And in this case quite literally...part of the dress.  It illustrates the same thing...dynamically part of the dress just the way a frame should be with art."  - Robyn Pocker