Displaying your Diploma: From PlexiGlass to Paper Preservation

Without a doubt, your diploma will be the most expensive piece of paper you will ever own. Your hard work and dedication deserves recognition: from your friends, your family, and most importantly - your custom framing consultant.

For anything of this value, you'll want to make a few decisions before taking the plunge.


Most people assume the process of lamination to be a reliable one, and it is, but not for this occasion. Most clients that have chosen to laminate their diploma piece usually regret that choice later. Once a piece of paper is laminated, it's there forever unless it cracks and peels. 

You want your diploma to be framed accordingly, so that down the road, if need be, the process can be reversed. Our rule of thumb, if anything is worth preserving, it's also worth taking that extra step. Pairing a contemporary frame with the classic black and white of the classic diploma is absolutely stunning! A clear plexiglass wards off any unwanted glare, you'll want to choose an option with conservation properties that filter out 97% of damaging light to be sure. Once the signatures are faded, they are gone forever, and there's no reversing this process.
Every diploma deserves to be displayed and preserved, stop by one of our locations to consult with a specialist today! You can also view a selection of our custom frames here.


Images via our Pinterest page