Manhattan Sideways: Behind the scenes of J. Pocker

Manhattan Sideways, an insider's guide to exploring NYC and discovering the side streets of Manhattan, made their way up to 63rd and Lexington, where we have been for over 30 years.  We were thrilled to share our history and reflect on what it means to be in business in NYC after 89 years on the Upper East Side.  Read an excerpt from the interview below and watch the video for a sneak peek behind the showroom with the full interview from Robyn here.

“In a family business, everybody works,” Robyn Pocker announced when I first met her. She went on to tell me that her first job as a little girl was making paperclip chains in her family’s framing establishment. Over the years, she was promoted through the ranks, learning to wrap packages with bakery string, how to please customers, and simply to absorb advice from her parents,  until she became a full employee, fresh out of college. Robyn went on to say that she feels “very rooted on 63rd Street.”

Quickly gaining respect over the course of their New York City tenure, their more notable clients are always first to protect this family of merchants. " When the F train came to the city, they wanted to take our building by right of eminent domain - my father had a lot of influential friends, including the Rockefeller family, and they protested until my father was allowed to remain in business in the same building, but just around the corner."

With a ledger housing ink of those most influential during the mid century, it gives you a vivid sense of the business many decades ago. "The old days, the 60's, that show us who the clients really were back then: the older Roosevelts, the Rockefellers, you get to see a little slice of old New York!"