Sardi's: AN ICONIC Gallery Wall

Incredible displays of framing genius can be found all over New York City, and we're looking to tour some of our favorites - as part of a new #JPockersNewYork series. 

To this day, Sardi's restaurant on W. 44th Street in the heart of Times Square, is considered a Broadway institution.  The restaurant's  walls are lined with over 1,300 familiar faces, documenting decades of talent and for many years, Sardi's was the location where the Tony Award nominations were first announced.  In 1947, the owner, Vincent Sardi Sr. (a client of J. Pocker!) received a special Tony Award, for "providing a transient home and comfort station for theatre folk at Sardi's for 20 years." 

Many artists have contributed to this wall, and trust quickly faded with the death of their most recent visionary. "On the day Jimmy Cagney died, his caricature was stolen from the Sardi's wall. Since then, when drawings are done, the originals go into a vault, and two copies are made. One goes to the lucky subject of the caricature, the other up on the Sardi's wall. This way, potential thieves won't have their moment!" exclaimed Judy Katz. (Playbill)

In 1979, Vincent Sardi, Jr. generously donated his collection of 227 caricatures from the restaurant to the Billy Rose Theatre Collection of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.  With each and every framed caricature, this restaurant offers a most epic gallery wall, the true definition of an iconic ambiance.  Vincent Sardi was a name found in the J. Pocker ledger several times as a constant client, who valued the framing process.