Viktor & Rolf's "Wearable Art"

Taking place within a gallery at the breathtaking Palais de Tokyo, Viktor and Rolf further complicated the idea of "Wearable Art" - with their most recent display of avant garde pieces suggesting that the answer could be "both."

Earlier in the year, the duo announced that they would be focusing only on the haute couture creation process. In their preview, they demonstrated the before and after of their creative procedure — "how the integration of hinged frames on coats, dresses, and capes could transform the designs from outfits into artworks, from portrait collars to abstracted portraits." (Vogue Magazine)

"I've always believed a good frame becomes one with the art.  A frame should never stand on its own or be disconnected from the art, but rather something that becomes part of what you see in its full impact.  And in this case quite literally...part of the dress.  It illustrates the same thing...dynamically part of the dress just the way a frame should be with art."  - Robyn Pocker