SPOTLIGHT ON Leather Framing

Leather frames are a modern favorite, a bold addition to any print or mirror. Shown below, a leather mirror that we did for Sheila Bajaj, a 6" face 5 foot by 6 1/2 foot leather frame, that now resides in a residential home on the Upper East Side.

leathermirror2 (1).jpg

"In framing, the hard thing is to really create a texture. With the leather, you really get a surface that you want to investigate up close. A custom mirror with leather compliments the hardware and luxurious surfaces in the interior. One of the very good things about leather, is that it can be totally contemporary or it can be wonderfully traditional - very versatile," states Robyn Pocker.

 Shown below are a few examples of custom J.Pocker leather frames, please contact us directly for any inquiries, we are always happy to help.

A few photos of a Madrid Apartment tour has us longing for leather accents, via our Pinterest page.