Paul Petit Custom Frame for Augusta Princess of Wales

Carton Hobbs was kind enough to give us the back story on this amazing custom frame, such an incredible piece of work to witness.

"Carved with her coat of arms (Saxe-Gotha) at the crest and her cypher, APW, at the bottom with angels, putti, and Welsh dragons throughout the rest of the frame. The portrait was given to the Earl of Warwick by his mother-in-law, Lady Archibald Hamilton, as evidenced by a document formerly attached to this painting which reads: "The original portrait of H.R.H Augusta Princess of Wales and H.R.H. the Lady Augusta, was a legacy from the Right Honorable Lady Archibald Hamilton to the Earl and Countess Brooke with an intention to have it placed in Warwick Castle in 1752." As Lady Hamilton was a close confidante of the Prince of Wales, it follows that the price had presented both portraits to her as a royal gift, which she then bestowed to her daughter and son-in-law." (Carlton Hobbs LLC, 2013

Frame craved by Paul Petit for Charles Philips' portrait of Augusta Princess of Wales. Warwick Castle.