When helping our clients design a mirror project, we are always looking for an impactful scale for the room.  When our client saw this smaller decorative mirror, she wanted that same classical design on a grander scale for a large foyer.


The end result was a unique product for the  interior designer, bespoke in every aspect of the scale and finish.


J.Pocker’s passion for frame design lends perfectly to framed mirrors, a blank canvas for our experts and clients to design with a wide range of creativity. Our expert staff have been assisting Manhattan’s top interior designers, architects and private tastemakers for decades, To discuss your framing project with one of our expert staff please contact us at 212-838-5488 or robyn@jpocker.com.



Because all of our more decorative frames are hand carved as well as hand finished, almost nothing is impossible. Our carvers simply enlarged the scale of the design  keeping in mind the large scale of the room.

Framed Mirror Services include: Contemporary mirrors, Antiqued mirrors, Beveled and Plain mirrors. We offer an infinite selection of tones and materials to match your aesthetic and needs. All our custom frames are available for mirrors.